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Loti 6 "Blerje fruta dhe perime, per Drejtorine e Pergjithshme te Burgjeve

Contracted Institution Central Purchasing Agency
Tenderer Institution Drejtoria e Pergjithshme e Burgjeve
Tender object Loti 6 "Blerje fruta dhe perime, per Drejtorine e Pergjithshme te Burgjeve
Reference No. REF-53919-03-11-2020
Estimated / Ceiling Value ALL without VAT 159 533 664,00
Type of Contract
Procurement Method Open Procedure above the high monetary limit
Stage Procedure Announced Procurement
Tender Publication Date 12-03-2020
Last date of Submitted Documents 27-04-2020
Tender Held Date 27-04-2020
No. of Bidders
Successful Bidder /Supplier / Provider
  • The winning bid ALL without vat
    Bidder Announcement date
    Award and Contract Amount ALL with VAT
    Contract date
    Planned Milestones of Contract / Start and End Date Duke filluar nga data e lidhjes sė kontratės/kontratave me pėrfundim deri nė plotėsimin e nevojave tė autoriteteve kontraktore, sipas marrėveshjes kuadėr, pėr secilin lot.
    Renewal Contract Additional Value (ALL with VAT)
    Cancellation reason
    Transaction / Actual Spending
  • Public Announcement Bulletin Contracts signed under the Framework Agreement Agjencia E Blerjeve Tė Pėrqendruara REF-53919-03-11-2020
    Announcement of Procurement
    Standard Tender Documents
    Standard Tender Documents

    Technical Specifications

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