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No. of announced tenders Total limit fund of tenders (in ALL, without VAT) No. of tenders declared with winner (in ALL, without VAT) Total limit fund of tenders declared by winner (in ALL, without VAT) Awarded total value (in ALL, without VAT)
6 1,626,942,452 6 1,626,942,452 1,291,960,949

Tenders list

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Tender object Estimated / Ceiling Value ALL without VAT Stage Procedure Awarded value
Ndertim i unazės sė qytetit bashkia Vau Dejės. 200,000,142 Signed the Contract 149,133,123
Ndėrtim Asfaltim i rrugės Cėrrik – Belsh – Dragot – Kucove – Urė Vajgurore (Segmenti Degėzim Grekan – Dragot). 442,395,000 Signed the Contract 318,219,526
Ndertim i ujesjellesit Cerme – Terbuf – Sulzotaj. 387,000,000 Signed the Contract 371,236,432
Sistemim-asfaltim i rruges se unazes “poliklinike-7 pallatet” Vlore”. 485,833,310 Signed the Contract 346,777,116
Rikonstruksion fasadash, ēatish, riveshje tė mureve nė qendėr tė Tamarės. 49,572,000 Signed the Contract 46,886,617
Ndėrtimi urės sė Lushės mbi lumin Drin i Zi, Komuna Arras. 62,142,000 Signed the Contract 59,708,135
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