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Construction and Maintenance of the “Porti i Jahteve - Bypass Orikum - Dukat (Shėn Eliza Bridge)” Road

Partner / Concesionary Ministria e Infrastruktures dhe Energjise
Contract's Object The main object of this procedure is Concession/PPP “On the design, construction and maintenance of “Porti i Jahteve - Bypass Orikum - Dukat (Ura e Shėn Elizės)” Road”, according to the principle of “Turnkey Project”. The essential conditions and requirements of this procedure include but are not limited to conditions the following: The object of the Concession/PPP contract: “Construction and maintenance of “Porti i Jahteve - Bypass Orikum - Dukat (Ura e Shėn Elizės)” Road.
The duration of the Concession Contract/PPP: 13 years
Activities to be performed by the Concessionaire:The design, construction and maintenance of “Porti i Jahteve - Bypass Orikum - Dukat (Ura e Shėn Elizės)” in accordance with the standards approved by the Contracting Authority.
Sources of Concessionaire Revenues: An availability annual payment payable by the Contracting Authority for the Concessionaire, the level of which shall be determined in the bid submitted by the competitors. The first payment will be provided by the Contracting Authority when the Concessionaire has executed at least 25% of the works.
Applicable Legislation: The Concession Contract shall be governed by the legislation of the Republic of Albania.
The Project has as its objective the construction of a road, which starts in Thumane and continues to the intersection with the Tirana - Durres highway with a new crossing at a dislevel.
Procurement Method Open Procedure
Concession's Status Announced the Winner
Concessionary Company
  • Last date of Submitted Documents 20-09-2018
    Concession's Held Date 20-09-2018
    No. of Bidders 2
    Bidders 1.“Gjikuria” shpk
    2.. 4 A-M
    Successful Bidder /Supplier / Provider
  • J62903456H
  • Cost of Concession 50552441 euro
    Concession's Duration 13
    Concession's Announcement Date 24-07-2018
    The winning bid ALL without vat 50,552,400
    Bidder Announcement date 08-11-2018
    Award and Contract Amount ALL with VAT
    Contract date
    Planned Milestones of Contract / Start and End Date
    Appeals Ėshtė skualifikuar ofertuesi i mėposhtėm:
    1. Shoqėria “4 A-M” sh.p.k.; NIUS K92005016L
    Pėrkatėsisht pėr arsyet e mėposhtme:
    Vlerat totale te parashikuara ne modelet pėrkatėse financiare referuar Propozimit financiar te paraqitur janė me te larta se vlera maksimale e pėrllogaritur pėr kėtė projekt, si dhe nuk ėshtė dorėzuar sigurimi i ofertės, ne pėrputhje me gėrmėn a) e pikės 1, te Seksionit II. Kriteret e veēanta te kualifikimit, Shtojca 9 te Dokumentave te Koncesionit/PPP. Gjithashtu, nuk ėshtė dorėzuar i gjithė dokumentacioni i kėrkuar ne shtojcėn nr. 9 te te Dokumentave te Koncesionit/PPP.
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    VKM for the Bonus Approval of "Gjikuria"
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