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Tenderer institution no. Successful Bidder /Supplier / Provider No. of announced tenders Total limit fund of tenders (in ALL, without VAT) No. of tenders declared with winner (in ALL, without VAT) Total limit fund of tenders declared by winner (in ALL, without VAT) Awarded total value (in ALL, without VAT)
6 ALBA KONSTRUKSION 9 957,679,039 9 957,679,039 839,662,365

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Procuring Authority by Local Government Entity Tender object Estimated / Ceiling Value ALL without VAT ALL Stage Procedure Successful Bidder /Supplier / Provider Awarded value
Local Unit Tiranė Shtese Kontrate per objektin Rehabilitimi Unaza e Mesme 37,333,506 Signed the Contract + Additional Contract ALBA KONSTRUKSION 37,143,506.00
Local Unit Pėrmet Rikonstruksion i shkolles se mesme "Sami Frasheri"Permet. 72,310,465 Signed the Contract ALBA KONSTRUKSION 68672247.37
Local Unit Kolonjė Rikonstruksion Shkolla e Mesme e Bashkuar "JANI VRETO" Leskovik ,Bashkia Kolonje 62,756,087 Signed the Contract ALBA KONSTRUKSION 62,057,003.00
Local Unit Tiranė Rehabilitimi Unaza e Mesme 249,938,884 Signed the Contract ALBA KONSTRUKSION 207442422.6
Local Unit Tiranė Ndėrtim dhe rikonstruksion i rrugės qė lidh rrugėn “Reshit Petrela” me rrugėn “Skėnder Kosturi” (paralel me rrugėn “Jordan Misja”) - Burimi i Financimit : Fondi i Zhvillimit te Rajoneve. 45,302,909 Signed the Contract ALBA KONSTRUKSION 44,466,240.00
Local Unit Libohovė Rikualifikimi urban i qendrės sė qytetit Libohovė 115,977,698 Signed the Contract ALBA KONSTRUKSION 112491498.06
Local Unit Dropull Ujėsjellėsi I jashtėm I Dropullit nga burimi I Manxifes 83,328,490 Signed the Contract ALBA KONSTRUKSION 57,496,298.00
Local Unit Dropull Services Multifunctional Center (Systemizing of an existing building) 75,000,000 Announced the Winner ALBA KONSTRUKSION 71,097,439.00
Local Unit Gjirokastėr Reconstruction of 18 Shtatori boulevard and its frogs at Rrexhep Qosja and Gole Gushi St. The limit fund is 215 731 462 ALL without VAT. Financing value for 2016 is 165 690 163 ALL with VAT - State Budget ( Regional Development Fund ) 215,731,000 Re-Proclaimed and Signed the Contract ALBA KONSTRUKSION 178,795,711.00
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