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Shitje Hekur per Skrap.

Seller authority Local Unit Krujė
Auction Object Shitje Hekur per Skrap.

Emertimi i mallit :Hekur per Skrap.
Sasia: 2,910 kg.
Cmimi per Njesi: 12.8 lekė.
Vlera Totale Fillestare e Ankandit : 37’248 lekė .
Reference No.
Initial value ALL 37,248
Procurement Method Procedure e hapur
Auction Status Ankand i shpallur
Auction announcement date in bulletin 19-11-2018
Last date of Submitted Documents 11-12-2018
Auction held date 11-12-2018
No. of Bidders
Successful Bidder /Supplier / Provider
  • Awarded value ALL
    Bidder Announcement date
    Contract date
    Cancellation reason
    Auction place Bashkia Krujė
    Public Announcement Bulletin
    Announcement of Procurement Nr.46 - Dt.19-11-2018
    Bidder Announcement
    Signing of the Contract

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