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Red flagging of a procurement procedure indicates a potential exposure or risk for unlawful or unethical business conduct, mainly as regards non-compliance with anti-corruption laws. The rating for these categories will be done automatically, with predefined analytical filters.

Tenders with redflags

id Title Procuring Authority / Buyer Procuring Authority / Buyer Estimated / Ceiling Value ALL without VAT Annoucement Date Reference No.
42753 Ofrimi i shërbimit të gjelbrimit në Bashkinë e Shkodrës Qeverisja Vendore Shkodër 102 951 379.00 12-07-2021 REF-00640-07-09-2021
Lack of competition

Procurement takes place with one single competitor. The Albanian law does allow for such procedures, but what such procedures often demonstrate, more than just lack of competition, is criteria and application deadlines that are obviously in favor of a certain company (clientelism). Such tenders deserve to be considered exposed to risk.

Procedure me negocim

Procedure me negocim

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Me negocim, pa njoftim

Me negocim, pa njoftim

Insufficient time for preparing offers (technical offer plus documentation)

Insufficient term according to the legal criteria set out in Article 43 of Law 9643 "On Public Procurement" as amended.

Allocation of additional funds before the completion of the first stage of the contract

Allocation of additional funds before the completion of the first stage of the contract. There is also a possibility for the contracting authority to allocate an additional fund of 20% of the original offer. Such funds must be justified by reasons like unexpected difficulties caused by natural disasters, explicit changes in the market, changes in the price indexes, etc.

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Disqualification of all competitive operators except the winner

The Procuring Authority has disqualified all competitive operators with a bid lower than the winning bid. It is not classified as disqualification the case of the operator submitting other documents and not submitting any offer at all. The evaluation is conducted only for tendering procedures worth over 5 milion ALL.

Cancellation of the tender procedure two or more times

In the event of a two-time cancellation of tenders with the same object, there is room to assess the difficulties or defects that have made it impossible to finalize the winners of the procedure. Repeating two times in a row is a precedent that legitimizes open competition to be replaced by direct negotiation.

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