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Mobility Plan and Detailed Design of Project Investments for Integrated Urban Upgrading of Gjirokastra

District Gjirokaster
Loan No 8656- ALB.
Source of Loan/Financed by:
Loan Amount by Currency
Project Title Project for Integrated Urban and Tourism Development (PIUTD)
Description of the Project Budget: 63.8 million Euros
Financed by: World Bank
Timeline: 2017 – 2022. The project has become effective in April 2017 and shall take 5 years.
Geographic coverage:3 regions (Vlora, Berati, Gjirokastra); 4 municipalities (Saranda, Gjirokastra, Berati, Përmeti) and the tourist corridor going through this region.
Beneficiaries: 84 thousand inhabitants and about 300 thousand tourists.
Objective: Improve urban infrastructure, promote tourism, and strengthen institutional capacities to support tourism and develop the local economy in selected areas in the south of Albania.

Component 1. Urban design and improvement of infrastructure
Finances the drafting of projects for the implementation of urban projects and for improving the municipality infrastructure in four urban centers: Saranda, Gjirokastra, Berati, and Përmeti.
Investments in these selected municipalities shall include the rehabilitation of the following:
  • Public spaces (e.g. parks, squares, pedonale / pedestrian streets (pedestrian streets);
  • Road network, intermodal junctions and accompanying infrastructure (.e.g. sidewalks, crossroads, road lights, bicycle lanes, bus stations);
  • Restoration of selected buildings of heritage and facades of selected buildings;
  • Improve tourist areas (e.g. entry roads, visitor centers, parking places, tourist road signs).
  • Rehabilitation of the water supply shall be supported accordingly.
This component shall also finance the preparation of urban projects, feasibility studies, engineering projects, and the supervision of construction projects; the underground infrastructure shall be part of the improved road network, when necessary.

Component 2. Improvement of touristic sites
Finances investments intended at improving tourist sites to be selected along the touristic corridor in the South Albania. Investments shall include the restoration of objects of cultural heritage and asset, and the improvement of the support infrastructure. This component is also going to finance the preparation of the visibility studies, site management plans, engineering projects, and supervision of construction projects.

Component 3. Tourism and product development market
This component is going to finance capacity building activities for improving municipality management and tourism-based local economic development.
Tender object Mobility Plan and Detailed Design of Project Investments for Integrated Urban Upgrading of Gjirokastra
Reference No. AL-ADF-194223-CS-CQS
CPV Code
Estimated / Ceiling Value ALL without VAT
Type of Contract
Procurement Method
Stage Procedure Announced the Winner
Tender Announcement Date 12-10-2020
Opening Date for Submission of Bids 12-10-2020
Closing Date for Submission of Bids 02-11-2020
No. of Bidders 21
Bidders 1. “ARS Progetti” s.p.a. & SPT s.r.l. & PCS sh.p.k.
2. “Idom Consulting & Engineering Architecture SAU” & “Cultural Heritage without Borders”
3. “Arriola and Fiol Arquitectes” & “Studio B & L” & “Doymo”
4. “3TI Progetti-Ingegneria Integrata” s.p.a. &“Dromos Consulting” ltd. & “Thymio Papayannis and Associates” S.a.
5. “Scrat Consulting & Research” s.r.l.
6. “P.A.N.G.E.A.”Societa Cooperativa Consortile & “TPS Pro” s.r.l. & “Inceptio” sh.p.k.
7. “Bernard Gruppe ZT” GmbH & “G+A Projekt” sh.p.k.
8. “CEC Group” Ltd 9. Consortium “Corporate Solutions Consulting Limited” in association with “IRD Engineering” & “Acceplan Accessibilidad” & “JOB Project” & “Derbi-E”
10. “CPS Infraestructuras Movilidad Y Medio Ambiente” S.L. & “Fred Engineering” s.r.l. & “UNeed.IT” s.r.l.
11. “Arab Consulting Engineers Moharram – Bakhoum (ACE)” & Engineering Consulting Group (ECG) (Sub-consultant)
12. “Dornier Consulting International” GmbH in association with “Ingenuity Consulting Engineers” sh.p.k.
13. “Grimshaw Architectes” LLP & “MIC Mobility in Chain” & “Infraplan” sh.p.k.
14. Consortium ”HYDEA” s.p.a. &“TRT Trasporti e Territorio” & “SW Consulting Engineering”
15. ”Momentum Transport Consultancy” ltd & “Infrakonsult” ltd and sub-consultants “Urban SEED” & “Dea Studio”
16. “Bogazici Proje Engineering Inc.” & “Egis Villes & Transports” & “MC Mobility Consultants”
17. “Metropolis” & “Mobycon”
18. “Politecnica Ingegneria ed Architettura Societa Cooperativa” & “Systematica” & “GO2”
19. “RINA Consulting” s.p.a. & “NET Group” & “Instituti i Politikave Publike dhe Private” & “Planarch” s.r.l
20. “RPA” s.r.l. & “SEED Consulting” sh.p.k.
21. “Archispace” & “iRi”
Successful Bidder /Supplier / Provider
  • P.C.S. COMPANY -
  • SPT s.r.l. -
  • The winning bid ALL without vat 294,318 Euro
    Bidder Announcement date 08-04-2021
    Contract date
    Contract Value including VAT
    Contract Milestones Due Dates The consultant Services should be performed within 11 months period, and the level of inputs required is 46 man/months.
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    Transaction / Actual Spending
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