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Rindërtimi 35 banesave individuale dhe mobilimi i tyre në territorin e Bashkisë Mirditë (Programi i Rindertimit).

District Lezhe
Loan No
Source of Loan/Financed by:
Loan Amount by Currency
Project Title The Reconstruction Programme
Description of the Project The Reconstruction Programme is a Program of the Albanian Government, initiated after the November 26th 2019 earthquake. The programme envisions new constructions and reconstruction of urban facilities following an estimation of the damage caused by the earthquake.
In co-operation with its partners, the Albanian Government organized a Donors' Conference on 17 February 2020 in Brussels, amounting to 1.15 billion Euros pledged to be contributed in the form of donations, assistance, grants, and soft loans. These funds and others guaranteed through public debt will be used for the Reconstruction Programme. The Reconstruction Programme is designed to be implemented through the Development of New Areas for Mandatory Development; Construction in Urban Infrastructure; Purchase of Available Residential Buildings in Stock; and Grants for Reconstruction and Social Recovery.
A significant part of procurements and contracting for the Reconstruction will be made by the Albanian Development Fund and Tirana Municipality procurement authorities.

Read the document on Post Disaster Needs Assessment PDNA Albania.
Learn about the legal regulations for the Reconstruction Program.
Tender object Rindërtimi 35 banesave individuale dhe mobilimi i tyre në territorin e Bashkisë Mirditë (Programi i Rindertimit):
  • 12 Banesa individuale 1+1 dhe mobilim
  • 15 Banesa individuale 1+2 dhe mobilim
  • 8 Banesa individuale 1+3 dhe mobilim

Burimi i Financimit: Agjencia Austriake e Zhvillimit (ADA). Marrëveshje Granti datë 06.12.2019 ndërmjet Agjencisë Austriake të Zhvillimit dhe Ministrinë e Mbrojtjes në RSH mbi kontributin financiar për Projektin “754-00/2019 “Reagim ndaj tërmenteve ne Shqipëri.”
Reference No. REF-99421-06-28-2021
CPV Code
45000000-7 - Punë ndërtimi,
Estimated / Ceiling Value ALL without VAT 122,579,674
Type of Contract
Procurement Method Restricted Procedure
Stage Procedure Announced Procurement
Tender Announcement Date 29-06-2021
Opening Date for Submission of Bids 29-06-2021
Closing Date for Submission of Bids 09-07-2021
No. of Bidders
Successful Bidder /Supplier / Provider
The winning bid ALL without vat
Bidder Announcement date
Contract date
Contract Value including VAT
Contract Milestones Due Dates Kohëzgjatja e Marrëveshjes Kudër do të jetë 12 muaj. Kohëzgjatja e kontratës/kontratave do të jetë deri në 5.5 muaj.
Cancellation reason
Transaction / Actual Spending
Relevant published Bulletin Contracts signed under the Framework AgreementREF-99421-06-28-2021
Tender Announcement Buletini i Posaçëm Nr. 101 datë 29 Qershor 2021
Technical Specifications
Tender Standard Documents (TSD) Draft Contract
Technical Report
Constructive Report
Announcement of Winner
Announcement of Contract Signing
Akt Normativ Nr. 9, datë 16.12.2019 Për Përballimin e Pasojave të Fatkeqësisë Natyrore – miratuar me Ligj Nr. 97/2019

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  • Raporti Shtepi Individuale 1+1
  • Plan Mobilimi_Banese individuale 1+1

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  • Raporti Shtepi Individuale 2+1
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