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Requalification of the Coastline Vlorë – Radhimë – Orikum”, Lot 2

District Vlore
Loan No
Source of Loan/Financed by:
Loan Amount by Currency
Project Title Reconstruction of Vlora River Road
Description of the Project Budget: 81.8 million USD
Financed by: Kuwaiti Fund by 40.8 million USD, Saudi Fund by 30 million USD, and the Albanian Government by 11 million USD.
Timeline: 2017 – 2022
Geographic coverage: Region of Vlora, Valley of Vlora River, 3 municipalities (Vlora, Selenica, Himara);
BENEFICIARIES: 129 thousand inhabitants
Objective : The project intends to provide a sustainable solution for the public infrastructure in the South Seacoast Area, especially in the area of Vlora River, contributing to the improvement of the living conditions of the local inhabitants and redimensioning the tourism sector as one of the main pillars of the local and regional economy. The project will enable connection of two national roads (SH4-SH8) and includes a branch that enables connection with the city of Vlora.
Tender object Requalification of the Coastline Vlorë – Radhimë – Orikum”, Lot 2.

The Government of Albania (hereinafter called “the Government”) has received a loan (hereinafter called “the Loan”) from the Saudi Fund for Development (SFD) (hereinafter called “the Fund”) toward the financing of the Requalification of the Coastline Vlorë – Radhimë – Orikum Project, in the Vlora Region. The Government intends to apply part of the Loan to eligible payments under the contract for which this Invitation for Prequalification is issued.
Reference No. CWC/ICB/2022/2
CPV Code
Estimated / Ceiling Value ALL without VAT
Type of Contract
Procurement Method
Stage Procedure Announced Procurement
Tender Announcement Date 22-08-2022
Opening Date for Submission of Bids 21-10-2022
Closing Date for Submission of Bids 21-10-2022
No. of Bidders
Successful Bidder /Supplier / Provider
The winning bid ALL without vat
Bidder Announcement date
Contract date
Contract Value including VAT
Contract Milestones Due Dates The implementation period shall be 24 months followed by a 12 months Defects Notification Period.
Cancellation reason
Notes The tendering procedure is International Competitive Bidding to all eligible Tenderers as defined in Guidelines for the Procurement of Goods, and contracting for the execution of Works of Saudi Fund for Development.
Transaction / Actual Spending
Relevant published Bulletin
Tender Announcement
Announcement of Winner
Announcement of Contract Signing
Invitation for Bids

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